School as a brick factory

       Gone the time when the school’s utmost objective is to educate people on the basic principals of active citizenship. When the kids grow up, most of them are respectful and educated. Law and personal privacy were respected. School used to create the sense of responsibility. School was the place where people can meet greatness and self esteem.

       What remains of the picture is the frame. School now has become the worst place you can send your kids to. Well, let me explain. The school system is almost the same. It has not improved for decades. Your children can use your old school books but they cannot read or understand anything because they are all victims of this contrast between the old learning material and the new sophisticated technological devices full of various apps used to teach you all kinds of stuff. How come our ministry insists on keeping classrooms very traditional, ordinary and casual. The students as well as teachers do not feel comfortable in a place where comfort is a basic requirement for good teaching and learning processes. School is not a valid means for learning any more. It is a suffocating environment. Who, among teachers and students, dares say the opposite?

       Besides, the syllabus is designed to create identical individuals who must think, act and reflect identically, like bricks in a wall. So, the Pink Floyd were right. The syllabus wants every student to be good even though they don’t look like enjoying a subject. This reminds me of Thomas Alva Edison who was labeled “too stupid to learn”anything whereas he was exceptionally beyond those shallow lessons who has to learn no matter what. The syllabus is killing creativity in kids if it keeps teaching them the lessons they feel like learning. This type of learners have to think critically and creatively to solve problems which we know nothing about and then to make wise and sustainable decisions. Where is our school from this?! Miles and miles away, think about it.