Job burnout

       Some teachers blame themselves for not being able to make some of their students better than what they are. Blaming oneself in this case is an indication that there still is some conscious love for the job going on. This kind of self evaluation, leads to action research and subsequently to innovation in methods and teaching approaches and techniques. Unfortunately the ministry doesn’t seem to appreciate hard working people because its measures are loose and ineffective. All the same, there is a logical explanation to this. Teachers are left alone. They are not encouraged or even noticed. As there is no assistance and no motivation in accompaniment, there is waste of huge amounts of energy.

       I doubt any of these teachers would stand for long the stress of working hard while their efforts are being neglected with persistence. This is the worst of all sensations. As far as there is no serious solution to the situation, more burnout teachers will surface in great numbers. Most of them are workaholic that’s why more cases will show up every now and then. To deal with burnout disease, many teachers pretend they would take it easy and be indifferent. They only mock themselves. They just can’t. It’s in their blood to blame themselves for the students’ inefficient, so they keep challenging themselves until they suddenly collapse. Teachers who don’t see themselves in this, they are doing the job by mistake. Case closed.


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