English for learning

       You need to provide a strongly convincing reason for learning English and you will get the students suddenly motivated. The problem is that no matter how strong the reason is, some students seem very indifferent. Their motivation is permanently low. Although English itself is the motivation, there’s better: money. If any other language can make the learners rich, they will surely get them motivated just for the sake of learning it.

       Everybody knows English is important for updating knowledge especially in the fields of sciences and technology; updating means becoming able to make money by doing a job which has never existed before. The learners today are very pragmatic. They learn for money and only few of them who take their studies seriously for personal development. As the majority of learners look for short cuts to get where they can get money faster and with less effort. They cheat to get good scores, but how could they cheat in real life communication?!

       I believe that learning English is almost a reason and goal in itself. It can open locked doors and it can provide plenty of opportunities for students to have quality learning. The world, nowadays, is seen in terms of a vast (virtual) place with no boundaries due to the tremendous development in the field of communication and technology. It is agreed upon that the world has become a small village, and to be able to live and communicate with every one, you need to learn lots of languages; which is generally impossible. Therefore English has all the reasons to be the lingua franca of this age of multi-media. Once you learn English, you become able to connect to the whole world. Now what if the English language is being taught in crowded classrooms?! No matter what teachers do to find suitable ways to teach English in uncomfortable environment, the result is always mediocre. Several theories how to manage and large classes have been suggested, but none of them seems to work perfectly well.  Teachers have tried almost all of them, but they always face indifference, unwillingness and idleness from the part of the learners. English is a language and it is normally learnt to be used; however, in crowded classrooms, some students have never had the opportunity to say a word in English. Active learning could be of some utility, but on very poor scale. Briefly, no theory so far has proven valid. All in all, the less students there are, the better learning takes place.

       English is the language for learning sciences and technology. Successful learners, nowadays, are exclusively those who master the English language for the sake of being informed of the novelties in almost all fields of knowledge. The English language is the key for success. Are the government, the ministry of education, and the unions aware of this? I have my reasons to believe they are. Even my grandma can say “Good bye guys!”


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