School in agony

Some people don’t just want to admit that the type of school they used to know has suddenly ceased to exist. School today is no more than a dying corps in reanimation living its last agonising critical moments. Times change and with them all the good beautiful values of being a learning being. Believe it or not, now school is bodiless and without dignity. It is found everywhere in different shapes, designs and incredibility. It is mostly a virtual environment where learning is a risk to take on your own expenses. Nothing is guaranteed and nothing is there to trust or suspect. It is actually the dilemma of being face to face with erosion and decay. Doubt for committed students becomes their faithful companion throughout the journey of learning. The students can no longer decide what to take and what to reject. In social networks, you can meet “experts” in all fields. Everybody seems to know everything, and that’s the new threat for this “unlearned” generation.

Be better than I am and I will have to be your disciple. My life is in your hands. Brainwash me and “make my day” the way it pleases you. New “skilled” orators are preaching filth pretending they know what they bark about. These new teachers coming from nowhere are the new masters of knowledge that has nothing to do with what you define as knowledge. I told you, the world has betrayed school, and made a compact with the devil “social networks”. Isn’t the trustful school out of order now?! So let ignorance be your guide. The learners are imbibing all sorts of garbage from media and particularly from the World Wide Web even the way they have to treat the “bloody” old school that nobody is seriously interested in anymore. Damn the day teaching has become the job of everyone including the stupid fanatics of all propensities.

Resurrection is what we should wish for. The smell of decay is everywhere. School is no longer operational. I mean the public school which used to be a human pride. If no one has the guts to say that we are losing the coming generations once for all, the worst will surprise us. Be sure, our students today are getting rid of the last few values that the old school had spent decades to establish. Look around, what do you see? As for me, I see herds of absent-minded youth heading for their own self destruction. Let’s just be serious and try decisively to revive the public school before the whole thing becomes a hopeless case.


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