Who wants the public school disabled?

       It has become crystal clear the fact that some hands are working maliciously hard to destroy the “famous” public school which had been known for making great minds. No two would disagree that the public school is turning into a nightmare for both teachers and serious students.

       The public school nowadays has become a dream breaker par excellence for two obvious reasons. First, the government has shown its intention to get rid of the public school for being exhausting the budget. For this “sacred” purpose, the government imposes its banal rules on how learners should be graded and how they must graduate. They are crazy rules, of course, but they intend to make parents angry and “choose” to enrol their kids in private schools. Too many students bottled in a classroom designed for no more than 25. Second, the students who hardly know what school is for, come with no obvious purpose, and particularly with no motivation. They have all the rights even to disdain the teachers and the school stuff.

       Someone is after the gracious school which not far back in time was the symbol of peace, tolerance and intellect. Someone is trying hard to destroy it as it has become a burden. Say good bye to the future because school which is the only secure road leading to it is being erased from the map.


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