Motivation is the word

       When i see what other people are doing, i have the impression that i am either out of the track, or i am brilliant…. well! For the time being i’d prefer to stick to the second supposition. Let me be a little crazy for a while. When I wake up, … if i do, i’ll try again! I am not a big mouth actually, i want to be measured to great teachers who have paved the way for me to be better and to make a difference no matter how little it is.

       Well, teaching has become a very complicated task in an era when the learners are not sure about the reason why they still go to school; hence they have no idea what they really want. Actually they want everything but without the minor effort. It seems that they are not prepared neither aware of what motivation has to do with studying. They are neither motivated nor motivating (for their teachers). The have nothing motivating about them, therefore they need a miracle to make them aware of the importance of being motivated to be able to achieve something in life. Motivating this sloth generation has almost become impossible.

        My craziness comes from the fact that i still believe i can make a difference with them. I like adversity. I am keen on challenging the unchallengeable, and thank God i’m not the only one. There are teachers who have been struggling to make a positive change in the life of their students even before i become a teacher myself. I have a name that is ringing in my head right now. Mr Abdessalami Mubarak has always been on the front line. Personally i admit that he has changed a lot in my way of thinking and approaching the problems I face during my classes. I start thinking outside the box, and i subsequently feel i am brilliant in being crazy because i want to improve myself and better my teaching techniques. Well, i confess i sometimes go off track, and it is this kind hardworking teacher who brings me back to the path of righteousness as far as the term needs someone to believe in heartedly. Several other teachers like Mr Abdessalami are working hard to make a difference, and i must say i consider myself one of them. Lucky me!


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