Speeches are great, then what?

       Most responsible people are good at using colourful words in their speeches, yet they are shallow as far as their content is concerned. Speeches are beautifully good at wishing, but they are terribly weak at turning their wishes into plans, and real projects. Implementation is the secretive missing word in their dealing with life issues. Our educational system needs change, sure, however this change needs engagement. The question is why this change never happens although we witness a complete fall apart of our school that doesn’t seem to end soon.

       We are fed up with words; let’s step forward for effective action. Many teachers have been warning of this fall for ages, the ministry on the other hand looks out of order. Now they resume talking about reforms. Yes, but only through speeches which are no more than wishes. Everything fades away from the very moment the speeches mute.

       Besides words, there is ash. Wake up, there is resistance to change, and this delays actions and kills good intentions. Are they serious about making a difference? I doubt that. I advise them to shut up and roll up sleeves. We need people who know what the word “reform” means. All of us can pretend good intentions, but since nothing is visible in the field, we are only dreaming, and it’s high time we stopped dreaming and move to act. For this to be feasible, let’s wake up first !!!!


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