You can’t say …

The plot

       Before the start, I guess a long introduction seems necessary to make our way to discuss this extremely convoluted issue; and after that, as always, there’s nothing nothing. The topic is about the time to think our educational system over which nobody seems to spare. They say that school is a story from the past; it’s a waste of time to give it attention.

       I guess it’s high time we shut down schools for reconstruction and reform. Well, what is the point? Think about it. Our students come to school for grades only, whereas the ultimate objective from going to school is obviously learning to learn effectively. The students are rather interested in “better” marks despite the quantity and quality of learning they acquire. Some students have excellent grades, yet the amount of knowledge and skills they have is of no value at all. Whereas there are skillful gifted students who have average scores. It is our educational system itself which creates this awkward situation. Most students have an odd concept about school. To get those “valuable” good scores, the students can do whatever thing they are in hand to reach those high scores; therefore cheating on tests and exams is what the students will excel at.

       To be able to redress this handicap of our -neglected for ages- public school, a fresh plan needs be set up immediately. Unfortunately, this has always been impossible because the government has its priorities, but education and health are at bottom of the list because they are public; they want to privatise them for better results. I personally think the government is not enthusiastic even a little to do anything to save the public school because it is public i.e. exhausting the budget. So why bother to ask questions such as what must be done to improve school programs and syllabi for better performance. School has been being demolished for a long time already; therefore talking about reforms is an unfunny joke. Everyone is aware of this, but they don’t just want to admit it.

School implosion

School has been being demolished systematically from inside through some sort of conspiracy against “free education”. Pay for your schooling or get out? A number of secret rumours circulate telling people that the public school students rarely get good education, so parents have to move their kids to private school for better education. Because most people are not able to afford school fees, they keep their kids in the public schools, and another plot has been schemed devilishly. It aims at deflating public school through a series of measures among which, crowded classes, less sessions for basic school subjects like English not to be obliged to recruit new teachers, and so forth.

       Our kids then fall victims of this premeditated destructive plot. First, they “must” pass exams despite their inefficiency and incompetence. When they reach higher levels, they find out that they are unable to carry on with their studies because they are not well prepared and not ready for lessons which require solid background knowledge to assimilate. Hence, they are brought up to believe that scores are more important than learning. That’s how they understand the reason why they go to school. They struggle for good scores no matter how they get them. Moreover, it has suddenly become a truth for them that cheating is a right and stopping the students from cheating, you are depriving them from one of their basic rights. Technology on the other hand has made it easy for them to stick to fraudulence and deception. You cannot separate teenagers from their mobile phones. The mobile phone itself uses free from charge apps which intentionally facilitates cheating. They come to the point of believing that anything published on the web is “public property” which everybody is allowed to use (plagiarism). How can you convince teenagers now that cheating is illegal? They don’t see cheating as cheating; theirs is a kind of misinterpretation of the term.

It is like this, I am afraid.


School in agony

Some people don’t just want to admit that the type of school they used to know has suddenly ceased to exist. School today is no more than a dying corps in reanimation living its last agonising critical moments. Times change and with them all the good beautiful values of being a learning being. Believe it or not, now school is bodiless and without dignity. It is found everywhere in different shapes, designs and incredibility. It is mostly a virtual environment where learning is a risk to take on your own expenses. Nothing is guaranteed and nothing is there to trust or suspect. It is actually the dilemma of being face to face with erosion and decay. Doubt for committed students becomes their faithful companion throughout the journey of learning. The students can no longer decide what to take and what to reject. In social networks, you can meet “experts” in all fields. Everybody seems to know everything, and that’s the new threat for this “unlearned” generation.

Be better than I am and I will have to be your disciple. My life is in your hands. Brainwash me and “make my day” the way it pleases you. New “skilled” orators are preaching filth pretending they know what they bark about. These new teachers coming from nowhere are the new masters of knowledge that has nothing to do with what you define as knowledge. I told you, the world has betrayed school, and made a compact with the devil “social networks”. Isn’t the trustful school out of order now?! So let ignorance be your guide. The learners are imbibing all sorts of garbage from media and particularly from the World Wide Web even the way they have to treat the “bloody” old school that nobody is seriously interested in anymore. Damn the day teaching has become the job of everyone including the stupid fanatics of all propensities.

Resurrection is what we should wish for. The smell of decay is everywhere. School is no longer operational. I mean the public school which used to be a human pride. If no one has the guts to say that we are losing the coming generations once for all, the worst will surprise us. Be sure, our students today are getting rid of the last few values that the old school had spent decades to establish. Look around, what do you see? As for me, I see herds of absent-minded youth heading for their own self destruction. Let’s just be serious and try decisively to revive the public school before the whole thing becomes a hopeless case.

Who wants the public school disabled?

       It has become crystal clear the fact that some hands are working maliciously hard to destroy the “famous” public school which had been known for making great minds. No two would disagree that the public school is turning into a nightmare for both teachers and serious students.

       The public school nowadays has become a dream breaker par excellence for two obvious reasons. First, the government has shown its intention to get rid of the public school for being exhausting the budget. For this “sacred” purpose, the government imposes its banal rules on how learners should be graded and how they must graduate. They are crazy rules, of course, but they intend to make parents angry and “choose” to enrol their kids in private schools. Too many students bottled in a classroom designed for no more than 25. Second, the students who hardly know what school is for, come with no obvious purpose, and particularly with no motivation. They have all the rights even to disdain the teachers and the school stuff.

       Someone is after the gracious school which not far back in time was the symbol of peace, tolerance and intellect. Someone is trying hard to destroy it as it has become a burden. Say good bye to the future because school which is the only secure road leading to it is being erased from the map.

Motivation is the word

       When i see what other people are doing, i have the impression that i am either out of the track, or i am brilliant…. well! For the time being i’d prefer to stick to the second supposition. Let me be a little crazy for a while. When I wake up, … if i do, i’ll try again! I am not a big mouth actually, i want to be measured to great teachers who have paved the way for me to be better and to make a difference no matter how little it is.

       Well, teaching has become a very complicated task in an era when the learners are not sure about the reason why they still go to school; hence they have no idea what they really want. Actually they want everything but without the minor effort. It seems that they are not prepared neither aware of what motivation has to do with studying. They are neither motivated nor motivating (for their teachers). The have nothing motivating about them, therefore they need a miracle to make them aware of the importance of being motivated to be able to achieve something in life. Motivating this sloth generation has almost become impossible.

        My craziness comes from the fact that i still believe i can make a difference with them. I like adversity. I am keen on challenging the unchallengeable, and thank God i’m not the only one. There are teachers who have been struggling to make a positive change in the life of their students even before i become a teacher myself. I have a name that is ringing in my head right now. Mr Abdessalami Mubarak has always been on the front line. Personally i admit that he has changed a lot in my way of thinking and approaching the problems I face during my classes. I start thinking outside the box, and i subsequently feel i am brilliant in being crazy because i want to improve myself and better my teaching techniques. Well, i confess i sometimes go off track, and it is this kind hardworking teacher who brings me back to the path of righteousness as far as the term needs someone to believe in heartedly. Several other teachers like Mr Abdessalami are working hard to make a difference, and i must say i consider myself one of them. Lucky me!

Speeches are great, then what?

       Most responsible people are good at using colourful words in their speeches, yet they are shallow as far as their content is concerned. Speeches are beautifully good at wishing, but they are terribly weak at turning their wishes into plans, and real projects. Implementation is the secretive missing word in their dealing with life issues. Our educational system needs change, sure, however this change needs engagement. The question is why this change never happens although we witness a complete fall apart of our school that doesn’t seem to end soon.

       We are fed up with words; let’s step forward for effective action. Many teachers have been warning of this fall for ages, the ministry on the other hand looks out of order. Now they resume talking about reforms. Yes, but only through speeches which are no more than wishes. Everything fades away from the very moment the speeches mute.

       Besides words, there is ash. Wake up, there is resistance to change, and this delays actions and kills good intentions. Are they serious about making a difference? I doubt that. I advise them to shut up and roll up sleeves. We need people who know what the word “reform” means. All of us can pretend good intentions, but since nothing is visible in the field, we are only dreaming, and it’s high time we stopped dreaming and move to act. For this to be feasible, let’s wake up first !!!!